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Saturday, March 31, 2012

#003 - Everywhere is Local: How to skip 8 time zones without getting Jet Lag

Jet lag? I just don't do it anymore. And many that I work with don't do it either.

Whether you are a frequent traveller, or doing a long-haul flight for the first time, these tips can help you make the trip easier, seem shorter - and not have you wiped out when you arrive. And with over 900,000 lifetime personal flight miles and counting, I can tell you that this really works. 

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Gary Nelson, PMP

#002 - Project Communications: Cutting through the Noise

Who's got the Monkey?

Email is one of the primary tools on projects, and is used extensively. As a result, personnel on the project may receive literally hundreds of project emails a day each, particularly the Project Manager. All of these emails are important to the project, however we all need to be careful to ensure that messages are targeted and tagged appropriately.

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Gary Nelson, PMP

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#001 - Leadership: Ten Attributes of an Effective Leader

No, it is not a myth. Many of us have actually seen this phenomenon, or even been lucky enough to work with an Effective Leader. If you were really lucky, they were also your manager/ team leader/ project manager etc.

Ok, to be fair, Effective Leadership is not quite that rare - but uncommon enough that people definitely appreciate it when they see it - and they wished they had it too.

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Gary Nelson, PMP