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Friday, May 25, 2012

#012 - This house was built by Volunteers - An Interview with Habitat for Humanity

Interview topic: Managing House-build Projects with Volunteers

Many projects are difficult enough to manage when everyone is paid to do the job. But what about when your team members are primarily volunteers - and the outcome of your project really matters to a family you have probably met? 

In this session we are speaking with Shirley Bennett, Family Support & Construction Liaison, Habitat for Humanity Central North Island (CNI), New Zealand. Habitat for Humanity CNI just celebrated their 100th Home-Build in the region. Listen to Shirley as she describes what it is like to work on projects where the team is comprised primarily of volunteers - and how they get it done.

Listen to the interview here.

Contact details for enquiries of if you would like to donate, contribute or volunteer for Habitat for Humanity:

Habitat for Humanity, Central North Island
29 Bryant Road
Te Rapa
Hamilton 3200
New Zealand
Office: +64.7.849.0284
Store: +64.7.849.7707

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