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Friday, June 8, 2012

#014 - Interview with Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager

In this interview, we hear about Peter Taylor's journey of getting published and how he worked The Lazy Project Manager up onto the Best Sellers List. Peter shares his insights on Project Management, writing and getting noticed, with sound advice for those who would like to share their knowledge and make their mark - be it writing a book, blogging or getting involved in the wider online Project Management community by sharing their own experiences and ideas.

Peter also shares his thoughts about managing yourself as the Project Manager - so that you too can be "productively lazy" - and get the right things done more efficiently, so that you don't wear yourself out trying to do more than perhaps you should when managing the project. It's all about balance.

The Lazy Project Manager's Theory of Projects, from a Productive Laziness aspect:

'All projects are thick at one end, much, much thinner in the middle and then thick again at the far end. That is the theory that I have and which is mine, and what it is too.'

- The Lazy Project Manager

Peter Taylor

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